Edvard Munch: The most famous Scream

The day before the Saturday event, I visited the Kunsthal here in Rotterdam to see an exhibition of works by Edvard Munch. With the Saturday event in mind, I was hoping to get some inspiration for a personal scream. My mission was part failure as no version of The Scream was included in the show, part success because it broadened my understanding of Munch. Tormented, no doubt, but an innovator and outstanding artist. I was particularly intrigued by his wood block prints, the way he used the grain of the wood, the different versions of the same print, the colors.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. had a show of Munch’s prints in the autumn, discussed in detail with beautiful illustrations in the exhibition catalogue, which I promptly added to the wish list of books to read in my dream studio. The National Gallery website also features two interesting podcasts where the curators discuss the show and Munch’s prints.

Back to the Kunsthal itself… a large exhibition space without a permanent collection, built of glass, brick, and ramps. The architect (Rem Koolhaas) also designed the public library in downtown Seattle. I should admire it, and I do, but I have two big gripes: 1) you have to exit the building to get a coffee at the attractive coffee shop; 2) the building has only one rather narrow entrance/ exit, causing a two-way bottleneck of people exiting the building and people queuing to buy tickets.

The Kunsthal website has a page about the building with some photos. There’s even a building tour in English. Note to self: Download podcast and listen to it while in the actual building. Remember to get coffee before entering.

P.S. It’s bigger on the inside…