Daniel Hope: A Sunday morning in November

The day after the Saturday scream, I had tickets to a morning concert by Daniel Hope (violin) and Sebastian Knauer (piano) at the de Doelen concert hall. The program started with a lovely, romantic piece by Prokofiev (just right for a Sunday morning), and then made its way through Schubert, Mahler and Franck to Gershwin to send us home with a bit more swing in our step. So much swing, in fact, that we went straight to the box office and bought tickets for the Brahms event on the following Sunday. More of which later.

After the concert, Daniel Hope made himself available to sign copies of his CDs for sale in the lobby. In a wonderful, relaxed, and friendly way, he chatted with members of the audience who approached him, and sent a few young girls away with a blush in their cheek. A lovely thing to do for the audience.