The Oscars: True Grit

In the wild wild West in the 1870s, Mattie Ross, a 14-year old girl sets out to avenge her father’s murder. A girl with improbable grit and enviable bargaining skill, she hires a hard-drinking, slovenly U.S. Marshal wielding big guns and together they set off into “hostile Indian territory” in the some-time company of a Texas Ranger (by turns hilariously and touchingly portrayed by Matt Damon). Many twists and turns later, Mattie avenges her father but pays a high price for the satisfaction. Mattie Ross tips the film from classic Western into the territory of myths. I was captivated, entertained and moved by a film that gets it right at every twist and turn.

Here’s the blond bloke at The Telegraph doing another 3-minute interview. This time he’s talking to Hailee Steinfeld, the very young actress who portrays Mattie Ross.