Last day of March and I have not said a word about the Big Happening of the month. Time to remedy the situation.

On March 6, I was in Helsinki for a performance of a fairy tale set to harp music, The Harp of Brandiswhiere by Sylvia Woods. It was a production by the music school were my sister teaches the flute. She produced the play, accompanied the harps on the flute and the piccolo, persuaded me to translate the text last summer, and hired a brilliant actor. Her son, a budding photographer, livened things up with beautiful photos projected onto the back of the stage. Quite the family affair.

Since most of my translation work involves corporate-speak or academic papers, translating this play was a welcome change. I have never before heard any of my translations spoken by anyone, never mind a real-honest-to-god professional actor, and I found the experience very moving and exciting.

Sylvia Woods, came all the way from California to see the performance, and this is what she says about it on her blog.

My nephew has kindly provided a couple of photos that he took during the dress rehearsal for the play.

Copyright for these 3 photos belongs to Kasper Gustavsson (of course).

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