Sara Tavares

On May 8, Sara Tavares, a Portuguese singer based in Lisbon, brought her Xinti Tour 2011 to Rotterdam for a  Sunday afternoon concert at De Doelen. Xinti (Feel It) is her third album, released in 2009, shortly before she fell seriously ill. Fortunately, she recovered and now she is back, working and touring with an excellent backup band of musicians from Portugal, Guinea Bissau, Curaçao and Cabo Verde.

In this clip from YouTube, she performs Bué (você é…), one of the songs from the album Xinti.

Lovely, isn’t it? She’s even better live. Her stage presence is warm and welcoming and she attracted a lot of devoted fans of all ages to the concert in Rotterdam. Finally, an event that reflected the multicultural city I see every day on the streets, but not so often at concert venues. There was lots of dancing, too!

Seeing her now, it seems unlikely, but she had her big break in 1994 when she represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest. Here she is, barely 16 years old, singing Chamar a musica. She placed a respectable 8th.

Coincidentally, the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest happened in Düsseldorf (or possibly, to Düsseldorf) last week with the winners from Azerbaijan crowned on May 14. Their win takes the contest to Baku next year. Should be interesting… The contest deserves an entry all to itself, but I can hardly improve on Anthony Lane’s piece in the June 28, 2010 issue of The New Yorker magazine.

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  1. very catchy song, L-B. I like the notion of the bus picking up musicians, too.
    All abooard!


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