Scapino Ballet: Kathleen

Thursday night at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg…

Beautiful Freak

Hyperfast, jerky, twitchy, compulsive and oddly mysterious tribute to Chet Baker


Two dancers and Bach!


Exciting, moving, raw, physical and a little scary. A touch of West Side Story

Sitting in the audience, I wished for a rewind and replay button. The performances had so much to say, but I am not fluent in dance and only understood snatches here and there.

Walking home, I thought of the strength, flexibility and control of the dancer’s bodies, and the years of hard work, commitment and practice it takes to move like water or air.

Before moving to Rotterdam, I never paid much attention to dance, but Conny Janssen Danst, Dance Works Rotterdam and the Scapino Ballet have changed all that.

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  1. hello, Lis-Britt- how are you and your arts partner doing these days? Winter coming on here near NYC. Shiver/Shiver… A propos of that dance style perhaps? Enjoyable to watch those three clips.


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