Chang Chia-Ying

Chang Chia-Ying recently caught the attention of the art world in Taiwan with her series of narrative paintings that resemble fairytales. Technically extraordinary, they are filled with complicated, confusing content set against seemingly naïve, cute backgrounds. Her canvases, which seem to contain a deeper meaning that is difficult to understand, appear very mysterious. She is one of those rare young artists whose work is both theoretical and practical. After creating a script for these ‘magical fairy tales’ for herself, she performed a new ‘Wizard of Oz’ that ties together fantasy and reality. Chang Chia-Ying was born in Taipei in 1982. Shew now lives and works in Taouyuan, Taiwan.

Source: Bremer, Stanley, Victoria Lu, and Edward K. de Bock. 2011. Future pass. Rotterdam: Wereldmuseum.

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