Li Hui

Li Hui uses many modern techniques to express philosophical ideas. An almost poetic aura surrounds the result. As a conceptual artist, Li works with diverse media, including transparent neon-lit acrylic sculpture and laser beams. The uniqueness and new boundaries of the latest Chinese New Media art can be seen in this sculpture. Li Hui and his contemporaries explore their doubts and misgivings in the midst of a bustling society, through the virtual reality and in the pathways of a world where everyone is seeking instant fame. They have in these explorations managed to develop their own voices and their own kind of individual appeal. Li proclaims himself to be a firm believe in the Zen concept that everything is contained in the present moment. Li Hui was born in Beijing in 1977. He lives and works in Beijing.

Source: Bremer, Stanley, Victoria Lu, and Edward K. de Bock. 2011. Future pass. Rotterdam: Wereldmuseum.

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