In her studio, SEO tears handmade Korean paper into strips from which she makes collages. Her paper collages replicate the structure of the brushstrokes (cun fa) used in ink paintings. The figures are then superimposed on landscapes executed in light oil colours. With these surfaces, tactile and almost in relief, the artist has made a basic decision that sets her apart from pure painters. What you see is a hybrid, all the more so because the artist has overpainted all the figures with a white hatching reminiscent of the mountains in traditional Korean roll paintings. They give volume to the figures within a space made unreal by oil colors. SEO was born in Gwangju, South Korea, in 1977. She now lives and works in Berlin.

Source: Bremer, Stanley, Victoria Lu, and Edward K. de Bock. 2011. Future pass. Rotterdam: Wereldmuseum.

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